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GR52 Toyota MR2 Coilover

GR52 Toyota MR2 Coilover

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The Flatout Rx is the rallycross spec 1-way adjustable (rebound) suspension. It is designed to be a solid rallycross competitor with mild street manners for day to day driving and weekend racing.

The Shock insert is inverted for strength (MacPhearson) and performance. As the mass is above the hub area, it helps to spread the unsprung weight and the internals are moved away from any heat sources, such as the braking system. This helps to keep the shock cooler for more consistent performance. As this is a strut based design, it also acts as a structural component so the inverted design gives strength where its needed.


  • Adjustable shock (15pt of adjustment)
  • Steel monotube construction
  • Inverted shock 
  • 48mm shock insert
  • Synthetic shock Oil
  • Nitrogen charged 
  • 6.8" of bump travel
  • Penske bumpstop
  • Adjustable height spring perches
  • Camber plates where applicable
  • Adjustable height lower mounts
  • 275/225 standard rates
  • Customizable spring rates
  • Customizable valving
  • Sold as a set of FOUR
  • 4-6wk build time