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Here's what our customers have to say :

ST52 : 06 Subaru STI

I installed the ST52 on my 06 STi and even without dialing in the dampening I felt a great difference. Turn in was outstanding. I had less understeer than before. and I'm now having to watch myself off the track because I'll take a turn and not realize mid apex I'm already way over the speed limit haha. I seriously can not say enough good about flatout suspension, the product, the service, the warranty.


ST52 : 03 Subaru WRX

I put mine on before Christmas and had my first autox with them last weekend. The difference in results was dramatic! Shaved seconds off my lap times. Still dialing them in, and I know the times are going to get even better! Thanks Flatout for all of your support during the purchase and post-purchase set up.

Warren M.

SR52 : Mazda Miata

The car was transformed by the adjustments made today. It's nice and comfortable while remaining firm. I took the car up to the canyons for a short spin and came away impressed.

Andrew A.

SRL52 : Subaru Forester

I use these all year round. With the adjustable valving I can tone these down enough to be complaint with my winter tires and winter conditions. During the summer with my summer setup I can lower the vehicle back down and turn up my damping. You always get what you pay for and this is worth the money!

Joe D.

ST52 : Honda S2000

I couldn't be happier with my coilovers. Flatout set up a custom spring rate for my s2000 and it is by far the best suspension that I have ever used. They gave me advice on spring rates and even preloaded my coilovers before they shipped them. I have zero complaints.

Michael R.

SR52 : Dodge Charger

What a product this company has made. The components and materials are top notch. The ride is better than factory and I dropped it down about 3 inches from factory. I highly recommend this product. It's economical, easy to install and super easy to adjust. I have the shocks on the hardest setting plus the amazing spring rate and the car floats like a butterfly. I'd only go with one brand of coil overs for my builds now and that's Flatout Suspension.

Serafino V.